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     Why Use Triton?

Triton Yacht Transporters is a division of Triton Yacht Sales, Inc. located in Oriental, North Carolina which is bound by the Neuse River and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway  approximately 25 nautical miles from Beaufort Inlet/Morehead City Channel.  We are a fully licensed and insured, reliable and competent marine transport company wtih greater than 20 years experience transporting up to 60' sailboats, powerboats and yachts including oversized boats.

Our custom-built hydraulic trailers provide safe and customized moves enabling the boat to be loaded and unloaded without needing special equipment such as a travel lift or crane.  If you would like to put your boat in your yard, at a storage lot or warehouse to work on, call Triton, we can make it happen for you.  These trailers enable us to do wet launching of boats, loading and unloading, (available only in fresh water).

Our low-boy trailer gives us more height availability for the boat which requires fewer items to have to be removed to stay within the height requirements for transport without a pole car escort.  The trailer length is adjustable allowing us to transport boats up to 60' in length.

Triton is a direct boat transporter and not a boat transport broker.  Communicating directly with the transporter is always better than going through a third party broker.  You can save a great deal of money when you work one on one with your hauler.  Triton has an office building in Oriental that is staffed full-time, Monday through Friday.  There is a fenced in dry storage yard area available as part of the complex.  We also provide marine support services such as bottom painting, fiberglass work and repairs, rigging, wiring, etc.

Personalized service and providing the best customer service possible are Triton's goals.  Transporting a boat can be a stressful situation for a boat owner and we try to make the process as easy as possible.  We work with our clients to try and meet their scheduling needs, we communicate regularly with them before the haul, during the trip with updates and upon arrival.  We coordinate the move with the service yards at the origin and the destination.  We treat each boat that we transport as if the boat were our own.

Our fleet of trucks and trailers are well-maintained and serviced regularly.  Our staff are knowledgeble, friendly, experienced drivers that take pride in their safe driving records and their service to you and your boat.

We will provide you with a free quote for transporting your boat that will be competitive, fair and honest.  We will do our best to earn your business.

Call or email Triton Yacht Transporters to discuss your next move.  We are experienced haulers of precious cargo.



(252) 249-2001     or     (877) 267-6235

Thank you for giving Triton Yacht Transporters the opportunity to be of service.